Back To Nature...or Close To It

I spent a great weekend away with my girlfriends in Cambridge and the weather was so gorgeous I was able to get out and take a few photos in the local park then went to Wings of Paradise a Butterfly Conservatory to take some pictures of butterflies and birds.  I did the same thing here in Ottawa back in October but Wings of Paradise had a lot more….not so crowded.   I was having some issues with my camera as it wouldn’t work at times.  I think it might have been because of the humidity in the conservatory so I didn’t get many photographs but I do love the ones I took.

Since I was having problems taking photos in the conservatory, for some reason this picture was very blue so I turned this little fella into a black and white photo.  He looks much better black and white than blue.

 This guy was very focused on his dinner and snapped at some of the other birds who got too close.
We were in a local park and this black squirrel was chasing a grey squirrel up the tree.  They were so funny to watch.
 And last but not least...a butterfly.  They would come and land on you while you walked around.  Some of them were so beautiful.