Let's Start At The Very Beginning.....

My family moved from Oakville, Ontario to Pembroke, Ontario in 1976 and from the moment I arrived in the little town of Pembroke my goal was to leave but with being 7 years old I had a number of years to wait. Attending Champlain High School and trying to decide my future, I was determined to go to Sheridan College in Oakville and take the Journalism Program there. I took a Co-op credit through High School and did my work experience at a local Pembroke weekly newspaper where they gave me a notepad, a pen, a camera and sent me out in the vast city of Pembroke. My favourite weekly task was to go to the local human society and take a picture of the Pet of Week. I actually loved my time working on the paper but the photography portion interested me more than the writing.

My Journalism dreams didn’t happened but my love of photography carried with me but in the past few years I’ve started to become more and more interested in the technique of photography and in 2009 I received my first DSLR camera and have become a photography junkie.

I’m hoping you enjoy following this blog and watch my love for photography grow with each posting.