Top Photographs of 2010

When I had my first meeting with my Photography Instructor Harry, I had to provide 10 to 15 of my favourite pictures but I had some troubles and I think I had it narrowed down to about 25. Driving around the past week, I've been hearing all the Top Music Countdowns for 2010 and I thought it would be a good idea to try this with photographs I've taken during 2010. I'm going to break this into 4 categories; The Great Outdoors, Buildings/Monuments, Animals and Just For Fun and I’ll place my top 3 photos for each group.  I’ll then have to make my top pick of #1 Photo of 2010.

Top Three Photographs - Animals
This is my mom's cat Dempster.  She was enjoying the winter sun in our backyard.
This beautiful swan was in the Toronto Harbor.
This little fella was charging me because he thought I had food. Sorry.....

 Top Three Photographs - Buildings and Monuments

Mozart statue in Vienna, Austria.
Our beautiful Parliament Buildings decorated for the holidays.
Kaiser Franz just sums up the sadness of the Old Emperor...his sons suicide pact,the murder of his wife and the assassination of his heir and then the destruction of the Dual Monarchy and all the miseries that followed from that... (thanks to my Uncle for the back ground on the Old Emperor
Top Three Photographs - The Great Outdoors
A simple Daisy at the end of my driveway.
Kayaker and 2 Geese taken this fall at Hog's Back in Ottawa.
Upper Canada Village at Night.
Top Three Photographs - Just For Fun
Taken in Vienna, Austria.  These bikes were everywhere in the city.
DARTH!!!  What more can I say.  I've been a Star Wars fan from the very beginning. Am I showing my age?
My Lego Stormtropper.  There is a Photographer named Mike Stimpton who does the most amazing photographs with Lego.  He has inspired me to try my hand with Lego.  I had fun.
 My Number One Photograph of 2010........
I took a Photography Workshop that took place at the Experimental Park in Ottawa.  It was pouring when we showed up at 6:30 AM and then it just stopped.  I got some amazing photos but his was my favorite of the Workshop.  This photo and my Darth Vader were running neck and neck as my favorite.  It was a tough choice.

I hope you enjoy my pictures.  I can't wait to start working on my favorites of 2011.

Happy New Year!!!!