Teenagers Just Want To Have Fun!

A few weeks ago, I participated in a Natural Light Portraits workshop with Harry Nowell as part of my Pro Program Course and I wanted to get some additional practice so I mentioned this to my friend who said her daughter and her daughters friends would LOVE to do a photo shoot with me.  She was right and I had a few eager models to help me out.
On Sunday, January 30th, I hooked up with Taylor G, Taylor B and Karalee at the Carp Fairgrounds to try taking some portraits.  It was a beautiful, sunny day but it was still minus 13 out and the girls weren't really dressed for winter so we had to take a few breaks so they could thaw out in the car for a bit.
The girls were so much fun to photograph and the hour and a half we spent shooting just zoomed by.  I just dropped the CD's off for the girls and I really hope they enjoy the pictures.  I had a great time taking them.  I still have a lot to learn but this was a great experience and I have a few additional shots to add to my portfolio and the girls have a ton of pictures to post on Facebook. 
Below are a few of my favourite shots from our photo shoot.  Thanks again ladies.  It was a lot of fun and we'll have to do it again....when it's warmer outside!
Gene Simmons from KISS would be so proud!

A shy little smile and a great picture!

Awesome close up shot.

Having some fun in the park.


The girls in a great shot by the trees in the playground.