Janice and her Baby Bump

I had a great opportunity on Saturday, March 5th to take baby bump photo's of my friend Janice and her future little bundle.  She's due with her first baby, a little girl,  in April.  This was my first attempt at doing baby bump pictures and thanks to the help of my friend Alain (www.alainsimardphotography.ca) who provided me with the studio space and assistance, I think I caught some excellent moments with Janice and her little bundle.

A lovely picture of Janice`s Baby Bump.

Janice giving us her belly laugh in black and white.

What Janice didn't know is that we were out taking her baby bump photo's, her Mom and best friend Stephanie were preparing for her surprise Baby Shower at her house.  My part of the plan was to keep her out of the house until at least 1:00 PM and then bring her in for her surprise.  It all worked perfectly and Mommy to Be had a great overall day.

Thanks Janice for the great day and letting me part of this special time with you. I can`t wait to meet your little bundle and hopefully do more baby photos when she arrives.  Congratulations!!!