Sugarbush = Springtime

Spring is right around the corner which means it's time for a trip to the Sugarbush for some Maple Syrup and Pancakes.  I participated in a Photo Workshop hosted by Alain Simard at Foulton's Pancake House and Sugarbush. and got some wonderful pictures of our outdoor adventure.

The weather was a little cold so the sap was only running on certain trees that were in the sun.  The old tree behind the cooking shed was one of the few trees with the sap running.
Our Workshop included a sleigh ride into the Sugarbush.  Beautiful!

The horses hard at work.

We had breakfast before our Workshop. (Pancakes, Sausages and Maple Syrup ofcourse)  Very yummy.  To complete our day, we got to sample some Maple Taffy.

This is the Old Elephant Tree that is found on the yellow trail.  Thanks to Alain for lending me his coat so I could lie on the ground and get this shot.