May 5th = Roksana & Greg's Wedding Day

Roksana and Greg Wedding
Roksana on her Wedding Day

It's a small world. In 1976, my family moved to Pembroke and moved to Cecille Street. There were lots of kids in the neighbourhood and met some of my good childhood friends on this street including Greg. We went through junior grades together but different high schools later on but as life happens, we lost touch.

Flash forward 20+ years and I was working on a project in Kingston and while having breakfast a gentleman in uniform stops and asks, "Barbara? Barbara Kato?" I look up and didn't recongize him at first then realized it was my childhood friend Greg...all grown up. We started to keep in touch and a number of months ago, he told me that he met a wonderful woman and they were getting married and wanted me to do the wedding photos. No way I was going to miss this special event.

I got to meet the Bride-to-Be, Roksana and right away thought she was a spectacular person and a great match for Greg.

May 5th, came and with the help of fellow photographer John Rathwell, we captured all the special moments of this wonderful couple's wedding day.

Wishing this couple all the happiness in the world and thank you for letting me part of this day!

Roksana and Greg on their Wedding DayRoksana and Greg on their Wedding Day



 Roksana and Greg on their Wedding Day