Macro Photography Anybody?

I had a great opportunity over the past few weeks to participate in a Macro Photography Course offered by Harry Nowell. The instructor for this course was Louise Tanguay who is a fabulous local photographer who takes the most amazing photographs. Check out her website at

Louise offered some great tips and techniques and a different way to look at subjects when getting in so close.  One great tip....get close, then closer and then get even closer.  Our first day of shooting was at the Ornamental Gardens at the Experimental Park.  So many flowers, plants, shurbs and bugs..oh, my.  Our second day of shooting we spent time photographing in studio.  Louise brought in all sorts of different plants and flowers for us to work with.  I picked the dried flowers.

After photographing some more flowers I was starting to need a change so Louise suggested going outside and photographing in natural light with a vase of water and strawberries.  I got some wonderful photographs with her suggestions.

I plan on doing alot more Macro Photography as our garden grow and changes during the season.  Hoping to get some more amazing photographs.  Thanks for a great class Louise.