Italy 2013

Hadrian's Market - Rome, Italy I love to travel and  I do have many places on my "must visit" list and Italy has always been close to the top of my lists so when we had the opportunity to find a timeshare in Tuscany for one week, we decided to make it a two week adventure in this beautiful country.

We had a direct flight from Montreal to Rome.  The flight was a few hours late leaving due to some issues with the plane but we were finally on our way.  We landed in Rome and first met some craziness while going through Customs.  There were hundreds and hundreds of people and only 3 Custom agents on duty.  After waiting for over an hour, I finally handed over my passport and they didn't look at or stamp it and waved me through.  Very strange and scary.

Rome was our first stop.  We stayed at Hotel Sonya which was perfectly located so we could pretty much walk anywhere we wanted to.  It was hot but Rome was wonderful.  From Rome, we took the train and met up with our tour guide Dr. Danila Bracaglia where spent a day in Monte Cassino where one of the largest battles in Italy took place and where Canadian Forces bravely fought and many lost their lives.  The most moving part was visiting the two cemeteries in the area.  The first was the Polish Cemetery which was located very close to the Abbey of Monte Cassino and the other was the Commonwealth Cemetery where over 4,000 soldiers were buried including over 800 Canadian.  The second day with Danila, she took us to some beautiful hill top towns where we really got the feeling of being in Italy.

We then ventured to Florence.  Beautiful, beautiful place.  While in Florence, we took a Walkabout Florence tour of the Cinque Terre (5 lands)  We did some hiking in the area and it scenery in this area is breathtaking.  I would LOVE to go back and hike the entire trail.

Tuscany was next on our stop.  Our time share was in a beautiful little town, Loro Ciuffenna.  The time share suite was awesome and we had some of the best food from great chef that was working.  Four course meal every night and what I had a hard time with was not eating until after 8:00 pm.  (at home I eat around 5:30PM)  It took a little getting used to.  From our home base in Loro Ciuffenna, we toured, Siena, Greeve, Venice, Arezzo, Volturra, San Marino and many towns in the Tuscany area that were breathtaking.

It was an amazing experience and Italy will be on my go to list again.  These are just a few of my pictures.  If you want to see more, please visit my Facebook page at