Peru - The Amazon Rainforest

Part of our G Adventure Tour took us to the Amazon Rainforest.  We flew from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado where took a 2 hour boat ride down the river to the Tambopata Resort.  We had beautiful little villas to stay in with indoor washrooms (trust me, after being on the Inca Trail, this is huge!!) and no electricity.  We we're totally cut off from the world.  No Facebook.  No Email.  No Phone Calls.  That in itself, was a wonderful change.

Our first afternoon at the resort, our G Adventure guide, Edwin, took us on a walk around the resort to show us some of the bugs, animals and plant life living in the Rainforest.   He took us back along the same trail again at night to show us the different critters and bugs that come out after hours.  It was a little creepy but totally amazing experience.

Our next day we hiked into a lake where we took a canoe around it to check out the local wildlife.  We got to see a Black Caimen which we were told was quite rare.  We had a Great Egret follow us around the lake only to almost get eaten by the Black Caimen which I would have really needed to have some therapy to recover from.

Our last night in the Amazon we went onto the river to look for Caimen's around the shorelines.  We did see quite a few and we even got to see two sloth's hanging from the trees.  Our guide, Edwin has the most amazing eyes.  That guy could see everything!  Before we headed back to shore, our guide took us into the middle of river and turned off all the lights and motor on the boat and we just sat under million of stars taking in the moment. It was a special moment.

I hope you enjoy my favorite photos from the Amazon.