Night Photography

Upper Canada Village - Alight At Night

Every year Upper Canada Village lights up the village in the most spectacular fashion.  Almost one million lights adorn the area and it is the most beautiful site to see.  The last night of this event was January 5th, 2013 so you will have to wait until next December to see them in person but here are a few photos to hold you over until then.



























Night Lights Workshop - Day Two

Mother Nature wasn't happy on Saturday for Day Two of my Night Lights Workshop with Harry Nowell.  The wind was howling and the rain was pouring but we were a hardy bunch and we didn't let it cut our night short.  We had our heavy coats, hats and mitts so we were all set.

I picked this because of the "starburst" effect coming off the street lamp.  Thanks for the tip Harry!

Having some with blur.  Love the reflection on the road and the Chateau Laurier in the back.  My "starburst" effect is back.


This statue was on the University of Ottawa campus.


Wanted to try something different.  Put this on a slow shutter speed and zoomed in and out slowly.  Kinda cool.

Night Lights Workshop - Night One

On Friday, October 14th, I particiapted in the Night Lights Photo Workshop with Harry Nowell   The course is designed to teach new photo techniques at night and I must say, this the most fun I've ever had in a photo workshop.  Some of the techniques were so much to learn and develop.  Below are a few pictures I took last night using some of the new techniques.


Our first assignment was to pick one location and photograph it over the course of a 1/2 hour.  Taken at 6:37PM 


Taken at 6:41 PM


Taken at 6:47 PM


Taken at 6:57 PM

Using a flashlight to highligh the building. I love the sky.  No editing involved.

This exercise we were painting the statue with light.  I highlighted the left side of the statue.  The tree and the sky really add to the picture.  Again, no editing.

In Ottawa, there is a company that does Ghost Walks.  They tell people the local Ottawa ghost stories.  Very rarely to you actually see one, but last night while photographing in The Courtyard downtown, my camera picked up a ghostly image.   That image is actually me using my external flash.  I think it's pretty cool.

Upper Canada Village at Night

Looking for something to do over the Christmas Holidays?  Take the short drive to Morrisburg, Ontario and visit Upper Canada Village at Night.  www.uppercanadavillage.comThe park is covered with 250,000 lights which takes 6 weeks to get put up and on Saturday Nights, they have been getting 3,000 people visiting.  You can walk through the park or take a horse drawn carriage ride.  They also have a skating area.

The church is the most amazing location in the park.

I'm still learning alot about Night Photography and it was so much fun playing with a few different techniques.  I was great some great tips from my photography buddy Andre.  Looking forward to trying some more techniques but I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took on my little adventure to Upper Canada Village.

Upper Canada Village 2010.  The house on the corner of Church Street.
A simple picture but I love it.
A shot overlooking the pond.
Love this picture with the snow covered lights
Candles in the small church window.

Ottawa At Night

I often forget how beautiful my City of Ottawa is especially at night.  Since I got my Nikon D3000 for Christmas I've been wanting to make it downtown to photograph the city.  After doing some night photography on my vacation to Munich, Prague, Vienna and Budapest this fall I realized I was in desperate need of some assistance with taking pictures as night. 

Thanks to a workshop with Ottawa Photo Safari and instructor Ray Pilon my night photography skills have gotten better over night.  I've got a long way to go, but it was a huge step forward for me.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the lights a glow in the background.

We are so lucky to be able to get up on the hill and take photos of this great building.  It looks so amazing all done up in lights.
Now I know where the secret photo spot is at Parliament Hill

Our War Memorial at Night.  I love the shadows.

One of my favorite shots.  You can see the amazing light show happening all over the building and the flame.