Sunflowers Make Me Happy

One of my favorite flowers is the sunflower.  They just make me happy and smile.  I have no idea why but they do.   I've been lucky to have the opportunity to visit Kricklewood Farm just outside of Smith Falls to take pictures of their beautiful sunflower fields for the past few years. Not only did we get to photograph the sunflower fields put got to visit the barnyard and take some pictures of cute and funny characters that call Kricklewood Farm home including a rescue pig that came to the farm with his own crate, blanket and toys.  He's ditched those now and is now just one of the pigs on the farm.  Check out Kricklewood Farm so see some of the great things they produce.  They are at local markets in the area selling their great farm fresh items..


Puppy Power

Meet Harley-Dawn, the newest member of the Holmes family.  Gina is now the proud mommy to this adorable puppy and ofcourse, I had to venture over and take a few photos of this pup. I spent some time on Pintrest looking for some puppy photo inspiration and found some great ideas.  I brought some blankets, a bandana and a silver pail to I could get some great portraits.  I was prepared for everything...except for Harley.  The minute I came in, she was a little ball of energy and all my plans went out the window.  Plan B, let's go outside and see what we can do.  Plan B seemed to work.

I'm hoping to go back in a few months to see if Plan A might work then.  Stay tuned!  Harley, you're a sweetie!


Hello, my Name is Annie.....

and I'm totally adorable! Growing up, there was a series of books featuring an awesome Old English Sheepdog named Mr. Muggs.  From my first reading of the books, I fell in love with both Mr Muggs and English Sheepdogs.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to pieces when a friend at work told me she had an Old English Sheepdog named Annie and that Annie would be thrilled to do some modeling for me.  We met up at Bruce Pit Dog Park in Ottawa and Annie was a star in the Park.

Enjoy the photos of Annie and if you  have kids, read Mr. Muggs!  Old series but a great read for the little ones.


I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Gilbert Family. This is Dallas. DallasWith a face like this....I'm sure Dallas get's away with alot.

I know, I wasn't able to resist him!





Everybody...this is Teetu. A beautiful Husky that belongs to my nephew. I did these photos back in the beginning of November but I couldn't post them because these photos were a Christmas gift for my nephew from his Mom. Teetu was so much fun to photograph and he loved to pose for me. I'm glad Teetu's Dad loved the photos.

Going to the Dogs...and the Cats...and the Pig?

Fluffy all decked out with bells on for it's photo with Santa.

With the festive season almost here, it's only right that Fluffy, Fido and Einstein the Pig get their photo's taken with Santa. The SPCA in Chelsea had their Open House which allowed our furry friends to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas. We had lots of dogs, a couple of cat's and one special visitor....Einstein the Pig.

My photo instructor, Harry Nowell, volunteers to take photos and open's up this opportunity to one of his students. I jumped at the chance to do this. I believe I put my name in for this over a year ago when I signed up for the ProProgram Course.

Most of the pet's coming in to get their photo taken, adopted their new families at the SPCA in Chelsea. The volunteers here are the most wonderful, amazing people and I was thrilled to be part of this special day. The Open House and Photo's With Santa raised about $2000.00. I know all the animals that have passed through this shelter say Thank You. Woof! Meow! Oink!

Here are a few photos of this wonderful day.

Einstein The Pig made me laugh.  I've never been near a real pig before.  Einstein was so cute with his top hat and coat.

Our beloved Maxwell, passed away almost 4 years and I have been trying to get my husband to agree on adopting another dog but I haven't had any luck.  This little guy was looking for a new home so I took him to Santa, took his photo and was hoping to show this little face to my husband and maybe adopt him.  No luck but I think he's starting to think about it.  Fingers crossed.

The Odd Couple

What do you get when a Pug and a Chocolate Lab share a house?  You get the cutest, funniest pair of dogs that you'll ever meet.  Whitney The Pug and Hershey The Chocolate Lab rule the house but they totally love their Mom, Melanie.


Stands 12 to 14 inches high.  Weighs between 13 to 20 lbs.  Has short, blunt, square shaped muzzle and large, prominent eyes.  Answers to the name of Whitney.

If you see this dog, do not try to apprehend.


A beautiful profile shot of Hershey.


Hershey's Mom love's this photo.


The Odd Couple.....too cute!