Film Noir

The 1940s and 1950s are generally regarded as the "classic period" of American film noir.  Some of the most amazing actors and actresses performed in these movies which consisted of deep shadows, clutching hands, exploding revolvers, sadistic villains and heroines tormented.  Something was always left to your imagination. Veronica Lake was an actress during this period and my model for this photo session Nadine Banville channeled her perfectly.  Here are a few of favorite images of my photo session.

Ballerina In The Country

What do you get when you add a beautiful Ballerina and put her in the country?  You get these amazing photos! I've been wanting to photograph a Ballerina for years. So on a whim I posted a notice at work to see if anybody knew a Ballerina that would be interested in doing a photo session and I was thrilled when I finally got a Ballerina who would come out into the country and capture some great images!

Flashback in Time

What do you get when you get two creative and talent ladies decide to made some vintage clothing?  You get a fantastic photo session on the Rideau Canal The World's Largest Skating Rink. Both Edith and Sandrine did an amazing job with their skating costumes and were a hit on the ice with all the spectators.

Thanks ladies.  I hope you enjoy your photos!




Donna Leigh + Norman = Mr. & Mrs.

Ottawa in October.  You never know what the weather is going to be.  Hot. Cold. Windy.  Well, this Thanksgiving weekend, I got to photograph Donna Leigh and Norman's Wedding and the day was perfect.  The weather was perfectly hot.  The tree's still held their colour and it was the perfect family wedding. Here are a few photographs from this special day.  Congratulations Donna Leigh and Norman!!!!



When did Ottawa become Zombieland?  On Sunday, October 29th, the streets were swarming with the decomposing bodies from the 2013 Ottawa Zombie Walk.  The Zombie’s started their search for brains, leaving from ST. Patrick Street and slowly made their way up to Parliament Hill. The streets are now safe again until next year.

Vintage - 1920's

The Great Gatsby was re-made this year and I have totally fallen in love with the clothing styles so ofcourse I wanted to try and photograph this style using off camera flashes and re-create the dramatic images of this time. I first photographed Sandrine while doing some Steampunk photos and this talented young lady creates her own clothes so most the outfits you see in these photo, are all created by her.

Love the results.  Enjoy!!!


Spring Wedding in Ottawa

They say "April showers bring May flowers" , well we didn't have any showers, but we did have strong winds and some snow flurries.  Not great for photographing a wedding so we headed indoors to the Bank of Canada on Sparks Streets and had some great fun with our wedding couple.  Thanks to my partner in crime, fellow photographer Mike Giovinazzo.

Tattoo Photography Project - Anita & René

Tattoos.  Body Art.  Ink. Tat’s.  Whatever you call them, I think tattoos are awesome and an incrediable way for people to express themselves and because of that, I’m moving forward on my Tattoo Photography Project.  I’m hoping to have a photo exhibit as some point. Seems Anita and I have lots in common and we never knew it.  We both work for the same company and we have the same Hungarian heritage. It was great to get together with her, husband René and beautiful daughter Anna to take some family, belly bump and tattoo photographs.

Here is one of my favorite tattoo photographs.



Steampunk In Ottawa

Welcome to another Steampunk photo session.  On a very hot Saturday Night, I met Gailene in downtown Ottawa and we used the city as our backdrop to capture some amazing Steampunk photographs.  Gailene is a super talented lady and she made her Steampunk costume. 







What is Steampunk?  Well,  Wikipedia lists Steampunk as: a genre that originated during the 1980s and early 1990s and incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and speculative fiction.  What do I think Steampunk is?  I think it's AWESOME.  I got to spend the afternoon with some Steampunk lovers and I think we've created some great photos.  This was my first step into the Steampunk world.

On a steamy Sunday afternoon, we headed to downtown Ottawa and used our great city as a backdrop.  We started on Sparks Street, ventured onto Parliament Hill and then headed down to the locks beside the Chateau Laurier.  Needless to say, we captured the attention of quite a few people including an RCMP officer who was really interested in the story behind Steampunk.

Thanks to Sandrine, David and Haley introducing me to the great of world of Steampunk.