Steampunk In Ottawa

Welcome to another Steampunk photo session.  On a very hot Saturday Night, I met Gailene in downtown Ottawa and we used the city as our backdrop to capture some amazing Steampunk photographs.  Gailene is a super talented lady and she made her Steampunk costume. 







What is Steampunk?  Well,  Wikipedia lists Steampunk as: a genre that originated during the 1980s and early 1990s and incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and speculative fiction.  What do I think Steampunk is?  I think it's AWESOME.  I got to spend the afternoon with some Steampunk lovers and I think we've created some great photos.  This was my first step into the Steampunk world.

On a steamy Sunday afternoon, we headed to downtown Ottawa and used our great city as a backdrop.  We started on Sparks Street, ventured onto Parliament Hill and then headed down to the locks beside the Chateau Laurier.  Needless to say, we captured the attention of quite a few people including an RCMP officer who was really interested in the story behind Steampunk.

Thanks to Sandrine, David and Haley introducing me to the great of world of Steampunk.