Portrait - Teenage Beauty

A special birthday gift for a special teenager.  I've known this little Miss for a very long time now and I've been watching her grow up into this beauty has been wonderful.  We had such a great time in this studio photo session dressing up in some tulle, vintage gowns and of course our flower crowns.  


Portrait - Mother and Daughter

There's always a special relationship between mother and daughter.  It may not always be "Brady Brunch" perfect but that's what makes it so special.  It has it ups and down.  Happiness and sorrow.  Smiles and tears.  Joy and anger.  No matter what emotion, there is a bond between mother and daughter that is tough to break.  

So, getting to photograph this beautiful mother/daughter duo in a studio photography session in Kanata a few weeks ago was a real treat.  Heather and Darrian were so much fun to photograph.  We added some tulle, some flower crowns and vintage clothing and got some amazing photographs.

Film Noir

The 1940s and 1950s are generally regarded as the "classic period" of American film noir.  Some of the most amazing actors and actresses performed in these movies which consisted of deep shadows, clutching hands, exploding revolvers, sadistic villains and heroines tormented.  Something was always left to your imagination. Veronica Lake was an actress during this period and my model for this photo session Nadine Banville channeled her perfectly.  Here are a few of favorite images of my photo session.