Portrait - Tattoo On Display

Something a little different for my last studio photo session.  Lately I've been photographing lots of beautiful ladies in tulle skirts, leather jackets and flowing dresses and this photo session there was none of that in sight. Instead, a good looking young lad stepped in front of the lens with ripped jeans, white tee shirt and a very cool Johnny Cash tee shirt and here are some of the awesome photographs during our session.











Peru - The Amazon Rainforest

Part of our G Adventure Tour took us to the Amazon Rainforest.  We flew from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado where took a 2 hour boat ride down the river to the Tambopata Resort.  We had beautiful little villas to stay in with indoor washrooms (trust me, after being on the Inca Trail, this is huge!!) and no electricity.  We we're totally cut off from the world.  No Facebook.  No Email.  No Phone Calls.  That in itself, was a wonderful change.

Our first afternoon at the resort, our G Adventure guide, Edwin, took us on a walk around the resort to show us some of the bugs, animals and plant life living in the Rainforest.   He took us back along the same trail again at night to show us the different critters and bugs that come out after hours.  It was a little creepy but totally amazing experience.

Our next day we hiked into a lake where we took a canoe around it to check out the local wildlife.  We got to see a Black Caimen which we were told was quite rare.  We had a Great Egret follow us around the lake only to almost get eaten by the Black Caimen which I would have really needed to have some therapy to recover from.

Our last night in the Amazon we went onto the river to look for Caimen's around the shorelines.  We did see quite a few and we even got to see two sloth's hanging from the trees.  Our guide, Edwin has the most amazing eyes.  That guy could see everything!  Before we headed back to shore, our guide took us into the middle of river and turned off all the lights and motor on the boat and we just sat under million of stars taking in the moment. It was a special moment.

I hope you enjoy my favorite photos from the Amazon.

Peru - Inca Trail

This year, my husband and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we were trying to think of something special to do to celebrate this milestone in our lives.  We somehow decided that we would travel to Peru and visit this magical country. We booked with G Adventure Tours for their Amazon to the Andes tour.  12 day tour of Peru which includes a 4 day hike of the Inca Trail and a visit to the Amazon Rainforest. https://www.gadventures.com/trips/amazon-to-the-andes/PAA/2015/.  Our experience with G Adventures was great and exceeded our expectations.  Our guides Richie and Leo for our 4 day trek were super and I can't say enough about how great they were to help us.  What was even a bigger surprise, was the fabulous support team we had with us.  The cooks and the porters were great.  The food on our 4 day trek was beyond anything I could have imagined.  Our cooked baked us a cake on the trail!  On a stove! With icing.  I can barely cook a hot dog camping without burning it.  Every single one of these people make our experience even greater.

This is a vacation that is totally out of my comfort zone.  My idea of roughing it, is a 4 star hotel with no spa services so hiking for 4 days and living in a tent for 3 nights is really pushing my limits.  Hiking the Inca Trail was the toughest physical experience I've ever gone through.  The altitude was a major factor.  The sheer climb for me was a challenge but making it to Dead Woman's Pass on the second day of our trek was a high point for me but the icing on the cake was getting to the Sun Ruin's on Day 4 to see Manchu Pichu appear through the cloud cover.  It was a magical moment and worth everything we went through.

We had the greatest group of people in our trekking group.  The encouragement from every single person in the group was amazing.  When you needed somebody to help you get to the next level, they were there.  Needed somebody to share a laugh with, they were there.  Cheering you on when you were coming up to Dead's Woman's Pass, they were there with hugs and high fives!  When you had been throwing up for 8 straight hours having them keeping you motivated to keep you going to make the Sun Ruins...they were there.  Thank you to this great group of people...no friends.  These people made this experience one of the best of my life.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from my latest adventure.

Italy 2013

Hadrian's Market - Rome, Italy I love to travel and  I do have many places on my "must visit" list and Italy has always been close to the top of my lists so when we had the opportunity to find a timeshare in Tuscany for one week, we decided to make it a two week adventure in this beautiful country.

We had a direct flight from Montreal to Rome.  The flight was a few hours late leaving due to some issues with the plane but we were finally on our way.  We landed in Rome and first met some craziness while going through Customs.  There were hundreds and hundreds of people and only 3 Custom agents on duty.  After waiting for over an hour, I finally handed over my passport and they didn't look at or stamp it and waved me through.  Very strange and scary.

Rome was our first stop.  We stayed at Hotel Sonya which was perfectly located so we could pretty much walk anywhere we wanted to.  It was hot but Rome was wonderful.  From Rome, we took the train and met up with our tour guide Dr. Danila Bracaglia where spent a day in Monte Cassino where one of the largest battles in Italy took place and where Canadian Forces bravely fought and many lost their lives.  The most moving part was visiting the two cemeteries in the area.  The first was the Polish Cemetery which was located very close to the Abbey of Monte Cassino and the other was the Commonwealth Cemetery where over 4,000 soldiers were buried including over 800 Canadian.  The second day with Danila, she took us to some beautiful hill top towns where we really got the feeling of being in Italy.

We then ventured to Florence.  Beautiful, beautiful place.  While in Florence, we took a Walkabout Florence tour of the Cinque Terre (5 lands)  We did some hiking in the area and it scenery in this area is breathtaking.  I would LOVE to go back and hike the entire trail.

Tuscany was next on our stop.  Our time share was in a beautiful little town, Loro Ciuffenna.  The time share suite was awesome and we had some of the best food from great chef that was working.  Four course meal every night and what I had a hard time with was not eating until after 8:00 pm.  (at home I eat around 5:30PM)  It took a little getting used to.  From our home base in Loro Ciuffenna, we toured, Siena, Greeve, Venice, Arezzo, Volturra, San Marino and many towns in the Tuscany area that were breathtaking.

It was an amazing experience and Italy will be on my go to list again.  These are just a few of my pictures.  If you want to see more, please visit my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/barbara.k.mckenzie.5/media_set?set=a.10151646838630248.1073741832.583700247&type=3




Sunflower Beauty

An early morning start to the day.  Morina Reece and myself ventured out to Frankville and Krinklewood Farms to take pictures of the wonderful sunflower field they have.  Krinklewood Farm has invited photographers and artists to come out and capture these beautiful sunflowers and participate in a show and sale to benefit The Table Community Food Centre in Perth at the Herb Garden in Almonte.   The show will run September 15-30.  Hope you enjoy the photos and maybe visit the show to help this great cause.  

Double The Fun

When I first started photography, my friend Janice and her hubby just had baby Madison so she was first attempt and doing baby photos.  A few months ago, Janice, her hubby and 2 year Madison added 2 new bundles of joy to the family.  I had the thrill of doing my first twins photo session. Baby Andrew and Baby Grace are as cute as can be and Madison is doing a great job being a big sister.











Vintage - 1920's

The Great Gatsby was re-made this year and I have totally fallen in love with the clothing styles so ofcourse I wanted to try and photograph this style using off camera flashes and re-create the dramatic images of this time. I first photographed Sandrine while doing some Steampunk photos and this talented young lady creates her own clothes so most the outfits you see in these photo, are all created by her.

Love the results.  Enjoy!!!


Tattoo Photography Project - Anita & René

Tattoos.  Body Art.  Ink. Tat’s.  Whatever you call them, I think tattoos are awesome and an incrediable way for people to express themselves and because of that, I’m moving forward on my Tattoo Photography Project.  I’m hoping to have a photo exhibit as some point. Seems Anita and I have lots in common and we never knew it.  We both work for the same company and we have the same Hungarian heritage. It was great to get together with her, husband René and beautiful daughter Anna to take some family, belly bump and tattoo photographs.

Here is one of my favorite tattoo photographs.



Presenting Roksana's Baby Bump

This was an exciting photo session for me.  I had the honour of photographing Roksana when she wed Greg earlier in 2012 and now I got to photograph her wonderful Baby Bump.

Roksana and her dog Sawyer, came out to my neck of the woods and we did some of the photos in my backyard and then we down the country road I live on and took some additional photographs along the train tracks and in the surrounding fields.  The Mommy-to-Be was glowing and her red rubber boots were a wonderful touch.

Can't wait to meet Baby!

Tattoo Photography Project - James

Tattoos.  Body Art.  Ink. Tat's.  Whatever you call them, I think tattoos are awesome and an incrediable way for people to express themselves and because of that, I'm moving forward on my Tattoo Photography Project.  I'm hoping to have a photo exhibit as some point. James is a friend of Mike's and joined us in our photo session in Petawawa. James has a different story with his tattoos as he looks towards Buddhism.   Here are two of my favorite photos.

Tattoo Photography Project - Mike

Tattoos.  Body Art.  Ink. Tat's.  Whatever you call them, I think tattoos are awesome and an incrediable way for people to express themselves and because of that, I'm moving forward on my Tattoo Photography Project.  My goal is hold an exhibit at some point but I'm showing a sneak peak of some of the photos.
I ran into Mike in Petawawa and ofcourse had to ask him about the tattoo on his arm.  The story is amazing but I'm going to hold on to it until my exhibit but take a good look at the details, you can come up with some of the story behind the tattoo.  His buddy Jon, has a matching tattoo.Mike has some additional tattoo including the name of his kids on his chest. 
Thanks for being my first participant in my Tattoo Photography Project Mike.



What is Steampunk?  Well,  Wikipedia lists Steampunk as: a genre that originated during the 1980s and early 1990s and incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and speculative fiction.  What do I think Steampunk is?  I think it's AWESOME.  I got to spend the afternoon with some Steampunk lovers and I think we've created some great photos.  This was my first step into the Steampunk world.

On a steamy Sunday afternoon, we headed to downtown Ottawa and used our great city as a backdrop.  We started on Sparks Street, ventured onto Parliament Hill and then headed down to the locks beside the Chateau Laurier.  Needless to say, we captured the attention of quite a few people including an RCMP officer who was really interested in the story behind Steampunk.

Thanks to Sandrine, David and Haley introducing me to the great of world of Steampunk.

Montreal Road Trip

I love vacations!  Work, my regular full time job, has been so busy I really needed to take a break so my friend and fellow photographer Morina and I decided to do a road trip to Montreal.  We took a very early train and headed down to take pictures of Old Montreal, The Biodome and The Botanical Gardens. The weather started off great so our first stop was Old Montreal.  We walked down the cobble stone streets, went down to the Waterfront and enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the square.  Old Montreal was the site of movie being filmed starring Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons.  If we would have waited until the end of the week, we could have ran into these two stars filming The Words.

We then hopped on the Metro and ventured to The Botanical Gardens.  The gardens were beautiful but we spent so much time at the Rose Garden we didn't make it out of there before the skies opened up and the rain came down.  Our next stop was indoors and The Biodome.  We spent a few hours checking out all the wonderful birds, animals and critters. Check out the website to plan a wonderful day at the Gardens and Biodome.  http://www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/biodome/site/site.php?langue=en

Not In My Backyard

Went on a little photography adventure this week.  We drove out into the Ottawa Valley and stopped at a local gentleman's farm and took some pictures of the old farm equipment and vehicles laying around the property.  By the looks of things, when something broke, no need to fix it, just leave it and let the grass grow up around it.  


Creativing Cropping

After posting my pictures from my trip to the nursery, I got some great feedback from some of my photography friends and a few of them challenged me to be more creative when cropping my photos.  So, below are some of my attempts at Creativing Cropping.  Comments and suggestions welcomed.  Enjoy.

Before Photo

After Photo

Before Photo

After Photo

Before Photo

After Photo

Before Photo

After Photo

Before Photo

After Photo

Before Photo

After Photo (thanks for the suggestion Hagan)